Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Seamounts - Online Resources

Might be worth noting, in case a source of data or a suppository for data post PhD


Adata portal for species record locations on seamounts workd wide. In UK/Irish waters they have data for:
Anton Dohrn
Rosemary bank
Hatton Bank
George Bligh Bank
Lousy Bank
Bill Bailey's Bank
All species record seem to be Lophelia pertusa or fish. Some unknow scleractinians. Most records taken from the literature, and many from the 18th centuary. Needs updating!


A flash map of the worlds seas with physical data including multibeam compiled for 1800 seamounts.
Records in this region:
Anton Dohrn - no multibeam
Hebrides Terrace - no multibeam
George Bligh Bank -1 multibeam file 2002
Bill Bailey's Bank - 2 multibeam files 1990, 2002
Lousy Bank - 2 multibeam files 1990, 2002
Faeroe Bank - 3 multibeam files 1990, 2002, 2002
Rosemary bank - 32 multibeam files 2003 (1x 2002)
(All in .mb format)

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